A Wide Variety locations for Surface and Air Disinfection

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Cafe Dan Turell - Copenhagen

Holding Hospital - Denmark

High Risk And Hygiene

UEFA Futsal Euro 2022

Ziggo Dome of Amsterdam

EHF Euro 2022 - Hungary/Slovakia

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Winter Olympic Games 2022

UEFA Futsal Euro 2022

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Rialto Theatre - Limassol

Cyprus Film Days International Festival

Dental care - Herning, Denmark

Disinfection of private clinics

Aarhus University Hospital - Denmark

Waiting area

Falck - Denmark

Protecting medical crew and patient

Hospital Corridors
Manicure Salon
Electronic Store
Eyeglass Display


High Risk Areas

Beauty Care/Salon

Close Contact

Electronic Display Counter

Experiencing Devices By Many....

Eyeglass Display

Try On By Many...

Sitting in a cafe


(Taiwan International Airport)


(Taiwan Hospital)

Shared Areas

Office Pantry/Canteen

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Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 3.20.10 PM.png
Paying at the Store
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High Risk And Hygiene

Grocery Counters

High Touch Zone

Hotel Receptions

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Gym Equipment
In a Meeting
Slot machines

Gym Room

Lots Of Respiratory And Touch Areas.

Meeting Room

Less Ventilation

Gaming Machine

Lots Touches By Many

Receptionist counter

High Traffic High Touch Area