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Meet UV Medico

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YD Captivate Management Sdn Bhdm, an authorised  distributor for UVMEDICO SEA - Malaysia.


To provide the best best, products and technology available to reduce spreading of harmful microorganisms, to provide safer and healthier future.We are opened for business, we have taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs for genuine disinfection system and consultation on technologies available. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and know the differences.

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We are an agile, effective team of business entrepreneurs, lighting technologists, and scientific experts applying breakthrough light-based technologies to keeping people, businesses and other organisations safe from airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

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Ushio Incorporated, established in 1964 is a listed company on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO : 6925). Ushio businesses spread across continents. Specialise in lighting equipment, industrial process, visual imaging and life science. Expertise in lights manufacturing, from infrared rays, visible lights and ultraviolet rays. 

Ushio is the first company in the world to develop and practically apply excimer lamps, and is our partner for Care222® products. Ushio holds exclusive rights to utilization of the filtered far uvc 222nm technology, which was patented by Columbia University (New York, NY) in 2012. 

*This product utilises Care222 technology developed by Ushio Inc.

*Care222 is a trademark or registered trademark of Ushio Inc. and Ushio America, Inc.

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